DWScript repository temporarily down (now back up)

Update: should now be available, BitBucket staff was very responsive, and Sophos AV as well. Two false positives remain by VBA32 and Cylance, which do not appear to have proper mechanisms to report false positive (not very professional for an AV vendor IMHO).

Just a quick note: the DWScript repository on BitBucket is currently down (as are my other BitBucket repositories), as the account was suspended because some antivirus started flagging one of the older zips from 2017 as malware.

The issue is currently escalating and the antivirus vendor is hopefully being notified of the false positive, but if the issue cannot be resolved, the repository will be moved elsewhere.

BigInteger coming to JavaScript CodeGen

Support for BigInteger type in SmartPascal is being added in the DWScript repository, it is mapped to the new BigInt JavaScript type which is now supported by the major browsers.

This is going to be a work in progress over a few weeks, in part because the JS implementation is rather bare-bones with few support functions, and in part because with the BigInt type, the JS designers did away with some automated and implicit casting (uh?).


The case for strict parameter types

While refactoring a bit the way some “special” functions were handled in DWScript, I came about a case where the compiler started accepting strings as Math functions parameters.

While this comes naturally as an “interesting” side-effects of automatic typecasts, it left a feeling of “wrongness”, accepting literal code like Abs(“foo”) and then failing at run-time is asking for trouble.


Best wishes for 2017!

A belated Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2017!

This site and news have been neglected for much of 2016, this year’s resolution will be to try and revive it a bit.

In particular announcements and articles have fallen way behind the code as far as DWScript is concerned. So I will start the year by attempting to rectify that.