Don’t abuse FreeAndNil anymore

A recurring subject when it comes to freeing objects and preventing is whether you should just .Free them, thus leaving a invalid reference that should however never be used anymore when the code design is correct, or if you should defensively FreeAndNil() them, thus leaving a nil value that will hopefully trigger AVs more often on improper usage after release.


ZJDBGPack re-release

ZJDBGPack is again available, but as an independent download (it used to be bundled with SamplingProfiler).

This is a command-line utility intended for use in a build process or from the Delphi tools menu, whose purpose is to integrate debug information into an executable. The debug information format  is a compressed version of JCL‘s JDBG.

As of know, SamplingProfiler is the only published utility that understands this format, so you can use it either to reduce the size of the executables you deploy for profiling purposes, or if you do not want to deploy directly-readable debug information files.