DWScript compatible with Delphi 11.1

Just downloaded and installed Delphi 11.1, and all the unit tests passed without a glitch. So I can announce that DWScript is compatible with Delphi 11.1 for Win32 and Win64! You can find links to all the Delphi 11.1 release details on Marco’s blog.

In other news, the tip of the DWScript repository is considered stable, but a round of core changes were made a few days ago. The last stable state just before the round of changes can be found in the DWScript Releases on the GitHub mirror. The next round of changes likely be able to will rip out the stack from the engine, and transition to closures.

5 thoughts on “DWScript compatible with Delphi 11.1

  1. > The next round of changes likely be able to will rip out the stack from the engine, and transition to closures.

    How will this affect existing code using DWS? I mean will the API change in any way?

  2. No API changes that should affect existing code that used IInfo/TProgramInfo/TdwsUnit or debugger methods.
    Code that accessed the stack directly will be affect, but that was not directly exposed in the API.

    Ultimately old Variant-based API methods will go through adapters, while strongly-typed-based methods will become more direct.

  3. How do you install D11 packages for DWScript ?
    I don’t seem to be able to install it.
    Do you have step-by-step instructions ?
    I opened group project then tried build
    that said success
    then I tried to install the two bpls below … then things went downhill.

    Cheers Richard C

  4. I just pushed the D11.1 design-only package, I am not sure about D11 as I no longer have it installed.
    All you really need is the Design-Only package, remove dependencies if some got there by mistake (it should only have rtl, vcl & designide), then compile and install.
    The other runtime packages were contributed, and to be honest, I do not know if they work, as I have not ever used runtime packages.

  5. THANKS Eric,
    It is compile, then install.
    It works now.
    I am using Delphi 11.1
    But, I have found problems trying to compile
    Mason Wheeler dfmJSON parser that requires DWScript.
    line 440
    lines := value.Split(separators, None);
    error message
    [dcc32 Error] DFMJSON.pas(440): E2003 Undeclared identifier: ‘None’



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