Delphi XE6 32bits and Scimark

8087In a Google+ comment to my recent article about inlining in XE6, Leif Uneus posted results from Scimark.

It appears that XE6 is about 30% slower than previous versions at least from XE5 to XE for 32bits floating point.
Note that Scimark does not make use of inlining, but does make heavy use of floating-point computations, loops and arrays.

Edit: issue discussed here was reported in QC 124652 (now marked as resolved)

Introducing “unit namespace”

DWScript now has a new “unit namespace” feature, which aims at killing several birds with one stone:

  • supporting “classic” namespace as found in Java or .Net
  • supporting aggregate namespaces and conditional units
  • supporting unit deprecation and splitting with backward-compatibility


Just a notice: I’ve updated the XE2 single-precision floating point article after using the (up to now) undocumented {$EXCESSPRECISION OFF} directive, thanks to Allen Bauer for chiming in!

Executive summary: this directives enables use of single-precision SSE floating point instruction by the compiler, and brings their performance in line with expectations, making Delphi XE2 64bit compiler the new King of the Delphi Hill.