Delphi 2009 hidden compiler switch?

This morning while debugging a statistical ichthyo-parser I stumbled upon what looked like a Delphi 2009 compiler bug: the compiler was outputting gibberish ASM opcodes… But after further investigations, it appeared this wasn’t completely gibberish, but that it was (somewhat) correct MSIL bytecode!


MapFileStats public release

mapfilestatsMapFileStats is a simple free utility to obtain executable binary size statistics derived from a “.map” file.

Use it to know which units contribute the most to an executable’s size, which DFMs are the largest, which units you have dependencies on but barely use in your executable, or merely to know exactly what gets into your executable.

You can integrate it into the Delphi IDE via the Tools menu, see the MapFileStats page for more details or to the download page and see for yourself!

Using SamplingProfiler from the IDE

SamplingProfiler comes as a stand alone-application, but it’s also ready for integration in the IDE via the Tools menu. Go to the Tools menu configuration and add an entry for SamplingProfiler. Set the parameters field to $EXENAME. Voilà!

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