BigInteger coming to JavaScript CodeGen

Support for BigInteger type in SmartPascal is being added in the DWScript repository, it is mapped to the new BigInt JavaScript type which is now supported by the major browsers.

This is going to be a work in progress over a few weeks. In part because the JS implementation is rather bare-bones with few support functions, and in part because with the BigInt type, the JS designers did away with some automated and implicit casting (uh?).


Graphics competition, two days left to register!

..and maybe win first prize, which is the tablet of your choice?

SmartContest 2013 Round #1

This is the first competition out of four this year. So this is your chance to win some exciting prices by showing off your Object Pascal skills!

The topic of this round is: graphics programming (eg. demo-scene, fractal art, visualizations etc).

Registration is before the 10th of February, follow the link above for more details!