Boosting Work Classes with a mini Object Pool

gearsWork and processing classes are typically short-lived, created to perform one form of processing or another then freed. They can be simple collections, handle I/O of one kind of another, perform computations, pattern matching, etc.

When they’re used for simple workloads, their short-lived temporary nature can sometimes become a performance problem.

SamplingProfiler 1.8.0

Version 1.8.0 of SamplingProfiler is now available.

The options dialog now support Delphi XE2 & Delphi XE3 search/browse paths, other changes are only indirect fixes/improvements related to the components and libraries used in SamplingProfiler.

Christmas present for SynEdit users

SynEdit LogoJust committed to the SynEdit SVN a few enhancements:

  • much improved performance for long & large files, still not quite notepad++-class just yet, but my profiler tells me there are many juicy low-hanging candies left 🙂
  • improvements to the TSynGeneralSyn highlighter (single & double quote mode, token callback, and a few other niceties)
  • DWScript syntax highlighter has been moved to the SynEdit SVN, the copy in the DWScript SVN will no longer be the primary reference

edit 27/12: committed another optimization, AFAICT, when working on large files, SynEdit is now faster than the Delphi IDE code editor and *way* faster than Scintilla/notepad++ (with and without a syntax highlighter like DWS’s)

SamplingProfiler 1.7.7 released

Version 1.7.7 of Sampling Profiler has been released, you can grab it here (642 kB), this version fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed gathering of samples in Monte-Carlo multi-threading mode.
  • Fixed crash when closing a results page with Ctrl+F4.
  • No longer restores to maximized or minimized state.

SamplingProfiler v1.7.5

A new version has been released which adds support for the new Delphi XE paths, you can download it here.

Note that there is still a pseudo-random issue of unknown origin under Windows 7, where the utility may or may not be able to gather profiling information. If that happens, close the application and launch it again. The issue doesn’t happen with Windows OSes before 7.