SynEdit DWS Highlighter, Unicode Identifiers, Type refactorings

Here is a summary of recent changes for DWScript SVN-side:

  • A syntax highlighter for SynEdit (Unicode version, available in SynEdit’s SVN) is now available, it introduces support for DWSScript specific features (keywords, string delimiters…). It is essentially a fork of the Pascal syntax highlighter.
  • Unicode identifiers are now supported, though as always with Unicode identifiers, it may not be too wise to use them too much if you want to keep the scripts maintainable. It allows to access exposed classes or libraries that use Unicode identifiers themselves.
  • The type system refactoring is in progress, most of the changes are purely internal, a handful of corner-case bugs were spotted and fixed in the process.
  • Compiler will now hint about variables that are never written to (when coSymbolDictionary option is set).
  • Inc/Dec/Succ/Pred are now magic functions, and will return the correct type when invoked on an enumeration.