“Live” IDE scripting for DWScript

DWS compiler and execution engine are reaching very nice maturity levels, meaning they can be used to compile & execute code interactively, for instance to edit a web page, which mixes HTML, CSS, server-side dynamic Object Pascal content generation and client-side Object-Pascal scripted content.


Christmas present for SynEdit users

SynEdit LogoJust committed to the SynEdit SVN a few enhancements:

  • much improved performance for long & large files, still not quite notepad++-class just yet, but my profiler tells me there are many juicy low-hanging candies left 🙂
  • improvements to the TSynGeneralSyn highlighter (single & double quote mode, token callback, and a few other niceties)
  • DWScript syntax highlighter has been moved to the SynEdit SVN, the copy in the DWScript SVN will no longer be the primary reference

edit 27/12: committed another optimization, AFAICT, when working on large files, SynEdit is now faster than the Delphi IDE code editor and *way* faster than Scintilla/notepad++ (with and without a syntax highlighter like DWS’s)