SamplingProfiler 23.8.21

SamplingProfiler 23.8.21 is now available. This version is all about cosmetic fixes:

  • Display Delphi internal version number for unknown Delphi versions instead of defaulting to ‘XE2’
  • Replaced old directory browser in search paths dialog
  • Minor HDPI fixes

Also the zip only includes the 64bit version now (which should work with 32bit executables).

FocusFusion 1.4.0 – fixes and speedups

FocusFusion 1.4.0 update is now available in the Windows Store. This version fixes two issues introduced with 1.3.7: the wavelet focus stacking being cropped too tight and small rendering artefacts.

There were also small performance improvements around memory management and caching for up to 10% faster fusion. This version also introduces the use of fused multiply-add CPU instructions (FMA) whenever available, but a the moment with zero improvements unless you have very, very fast main memory.

DWScript now support Delphi 11.3 Alexandria

Latest commits in the DWScript repository bring compatibility with Delphi 11.3 Alexandria.

There were very few changes required, and a couple bugs were fixed in the process. One test (stack overflow) had to be tweaked, apparently the new compiler uses more stack space, which caused one of the unit tests to fail in the “wrong “place.

All in all the 11.3 IDE and compiler appear way more stable, and AVX2/FMA support is nice… hopefully will get support in the CPU debugger as well soon 🙂

Initial Beta Release of FocusFusion

Just released the initial beta of FocusFusion to the Windows Store!

This is my first attempt at building an appx with Delphi and releasing it to the store 🙂

You can download it from the Microsoft Store.

FocusFusion is a utility for focus stacking photography. It can take a set of images captured with shallow depth-of-field and merge them together to create a single “all-in-focus” image. This allows otherwise impossible images to be made.

SamplingProfiler 23.1.23 (belated) release is available

After years of beta, the 23.1.23 version of SamplingProfiler is available from its downloads & changelog page.

The download ZIP includes both 32 & 64bit executables.

The main change since the last version is that the code to detect Delphi browse paths was rewritten to accommodate future (unreleased) Delphi versions… as long as the registry names and keys follow the current logic. The previous version supported all Delphi versions, but you had to manually specify browse paths.

DWScript 22.6.28 release

Periodic DWScript release 22.6.28 has been created on the DWScript GitHub.

This release includes a variety of micro-optimizations (many memory-related) for the compiler, runtime and JavaScript codegen, as well as fixes and improvements.

The language syntax has been slightly extended for the Pascal-to-Javascript transpiler to cover the case of read-only external properties. (more…)