ZJDBGPack is a command-line utility that inserts debugging information in ZJDBG format into Delphi executables. It is intended to be used as part of a build process, or be used from the Tools menu in the Delphi IDE.

Downloads and changelog

ZJDBGPack starts from a .MAP file, which is converted into JDBG format (JEDI Project’s JCL debug information format), which is then compressed (in UCL, via DIUCL), and finally inserted as a resource into the executable. This debugging information can be made use of by SamplingProfiler, and is usually about 40% smaller than regular JDBG.

JDBG and ZJDBG files can also be generated from MAP files from the SamplingProfiler menu, and optionally inserted into executables, but that is a manual operation,  ZJDBGPack is intended for automation.