DWScript issues tracker now on GitHub

For quite sometime the issue tracker at BitBucket has been barely usable, and Atlassian does not seem to have bothered fixing it… So if you have issues with DWScript, please now post them on the issues tracker of the GitHub DWScript mirror.

As for the issue with the Atlassian issue tracker, it’s the infamous “This issue is submitted and being reviewed” blocking screen, which I guess is some kind of anti-spam. It results in the issue inaccessible, even from the repository owner. I have no idea who reviews those, but it usually takes a very, very long time.

As this also comes on top of recurring SSO issues across the Atlassian network I have been fighting with ever since they took over Trello, chances are the GitHub repository will become main as well, and BitButcket will be demoted to mirror.

2 thoughts on “DWScript issues tracker now on GitHub

  1. Excellent!

    I’ve had an issue waiting in “submitted” limbo for a month and was beginning to wonder if you had been hit by a train.

    I fully support a move to Github. I too have repos on Bitbucket and while there a few things there that are nice the general Atlassian suckage far outweighs them.

    I will repost my issue at Github, but please consider migrating all the existing issues somehow. I know there are scripts out there that can do it. One possible solution might be to go via Gitlab; They have a nice importer built in and there seems to be more Gitlab -> Github migration scripts than Bitbucket -> Github scripts.

  2. So I recreated an issue at Github like you asked but it doesn’t appear to have made a difference.
    The issue has now been sitting there for 3 weeks without any response at all.

    I realize that DWScript is open source and free and so on, but I do think that one can expect some kind of response when issues are being solicited with a public issue tracker. Even a “I don’t have time to answer” would be better than issues being ignored. And if you don’t even have time for that then just disable the issue tracker.

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