New theme


Time for a summer facelift!

This website is getting new responsive theme which is more mobile-device friendly and will hopefully load slightly faster. Truth be told, I was also getting tired of seeing the old look here and in 618965 other blogs and websites.

(more…) relocated

The website has just been relocated, it also transitioned from a Linux host to a Windows one.

There were a few glitches with WordPress during the transfer, but they should hopefully have been solved, if not, feel free to post about them here!

Printable versions of the articles

There is something about WordPress that reminds me of Delphi, not the language or the IDE, but the spirit. On the one hand, its a convenient and comfortable environment out of the box, to which ready-made functionality can be easily added, and on the other hand everything under the hood is still accessible and tweakable without having to fork in a major way (like Delphi, unlike most of the rest of them).

Anyway, I’ve added support for printable versions of the articles here, thanks to Lester Chan’s WP-Print, a wee bit of CSS & php tweaking is all it took. Hopefully the dead-tree lovers that asked for it should be satisfied, as well as those few that manually tried to append a “/print” to the url 😉

Website getting up to speed

I’ve reorganized the site a bit since the relocation, tweaked WordPress behind the scenes, added OpenID support for comments and hopefully sorted out the over-aggressive spam filter.

The support forums are no longer available now also hosted here, no OpenID support for them just yet, but I’ll enable it as soon as it’s out of beta. For bug reports and features/suggestions, the forums are the place to post (easier to track things).

There will likely be a new SamplingProfiler release in the next days, which will add support for CPU-usage-based sampling, ie. profiling only takes place when the CPU usage goes above above a treshold (either at the system or the process level). shall be the url for this page for the foreseeable future, the one you can bookmark!
When time allows, I’ll post my other Delphi-oriented tools here, hence the name of the site. For now I’ve just added a few links, I’ll be adding more and reworking the site pages as I get more familiar with WordPress.