The & FastMM Canary!

beginend128I have been using the feeds aggregator as more than just a news aggregator, it is also a Canary: once a new version of DWScript passes tests, it goes live there!

Latest Canary feature is for the new FastMM4 multi-threading improvements by Primož Gabrijelčič, which can be found under the Locking Improvements branch.

To test the FastMM4 improvements you will need to use the UseReleaseStack, for more details see

While BeginEnd’s server is not exactly a high CPU user, it is multi-threaded and 24/7, so it might as well serve as another testing ground 🙂

Finally BeginEnd supports “Add to Home screen” in both Android and iOS phones, giving it an app-like look and icon, though with a skin closer to Material Design.

2 thoughts on “The & FastMM Canary!

  1. Have you also enabled LogLockContention define?
    If so how does the contention log grow?
    Is your service x64?

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