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The BeginEnd.net & FastMM Canary!

beginend128I have been using the feeds aggregator BeginEnd.net [1] as more than just a news aggregator, it is also a Canary: once a new version of DWScript passes tests, it goes live there!

Latest Canary feature is for the new FastMM4 multi-threading improvements [2] by Primož Gabrijelčič [3], which can be found under the Locking Improvements [4] branch.

To test the FastMM4 improvements you will need to use the UseReleaseStack, for more details see

http://www.thedelphigeek.com/2016/02/finding-memory-allocation-bottlenecks.html [5]

While BeginEnd’s server is not exactly a high CPU user, it is multi-threaded and 24/7, so it might as well serve as another testing ground 🙂

Finally BeginEnd supports “Add to Home screen” in both Android and iOS phones, giving it an app-like look and icon, though with a skin closer to Material Design.