Decentralized World Simulation (not Delphi-related)

networksAs I do not have a better place to drop them, here are some musings related to the Simulation Hypothesis, though not as in The Matrix. Came about them while thinking about how a decentralized simulation (not for a world) could be run, and then one thing led to another.

This is basically an engineer’s take on the hypothesis: even if there existed a very capable simulation technology, it would still not be enough.

Readers here can all anticipate the first customer request: “hey, simulating whole planets is cool, but can it do galaxies?” and of course “no I do not have a budget, is that a problem?”.

It is written in a scientific (aka unpalatable) form, in attempt to avoid ramblings. But it should be taken with the appropriate shovel of salt… After all, it attempts at explaining why the speed of light (and relativity) needs to exist, why gravity needs to distort space, why the universe needs to expand, and why Quantum mechanics are a mess to understand 🙂

Decentralized Word Simulation Hypothesis (draft, work in progress)

Partial changelog:

  • 2016-02-24: added topology diagram
  • 2016-02-25: clarified P2P simulation hypothesis relationship, added world dimensionality considerations