DWScript happenings and new logo

Long time, no post here, but not no happenings on the DWScript front 🙂

Behold a “cleaned up old logo” for DWScript, which will replace the old one until a better one is made


The DWS source saw mostly bug fixes and small improvements during the last months, as I became absorbed in the crypto-currency project mentioned several months ago. What was initially planned as an experiment grew a bit more, and is now self-financing project involving several servers, with DWScript WebServer powering the main one (web, db, and data gathering). It is now serving about 1.2 GB in almost 700k requests every day, essentially JSON and server-side generated HTML.

Another source of improvements for DWS came from the fixes leading up to the release of Smart Mobile Studio 2.1.

9 thoughts on “DWScript happenings and new logo

  1. I’m really interested in the possibility of having a delphi database client-server application be migrated to the web. Is this something DWS helps with?

    (BTW, that logo looks like a transport-related company logo, possibly a courier…)

  2. … sounds like if delphitools.info is not running in DWScript, but uses WordPress – so PHP + MySQL…
    Why not create a simple but efficient CMS in DWScript?

    BTW SmartMobileStudio 2.1 is just great, from the compiler point of view.
    I was able to create my cross-platform clients for mORMot, sharing a lot of code between Delphi, Delphi NextGen, FreePascal, and SmartMobileStudio.
    Some SmartPascal language features are just great!

    DWScript can build to build a web application.
    You can use DWS as PHP templates, but using SmartPascal instead of the PHP language, and Delphi native code instead of C libraries.
    There are alternatives around, e.g. our mORMot framework used either as remote ORM/SOA RESTful JSON framework (and a SmarMobileStudio rich AJAX client), or Mustache template rendering of HTML pages.

  3. I suppose delphitools.info is itself hosted in DWScript.

    Perhaps you may release the source of your own site, as Open Source reference?

    Have a look at the sidebar. This is a WordPress site.

  4. > I’m really interested in the possibility of having a delphi database client-server application be migrated to the web.
    > Is this something DWS helps with?

    Only in a limited fashion by the language being common an allowing some code to be reused, but DWS is for the server-side more than the client. For the client SmartMobileStudio is using the DWS language, Delphi-like libraries, and compiles a JavaScript application which runs client-side in the browser.

    > Why not create a simple but efficient CMS in DWScript?

    The complexity of a CMS isn’t code or database complexity, it’s feature explosion, ie. you need lots and lots of individually simple features (ie. more brawns than brains so to speak), lots of designer & graphics (programmer art and theming won’t cut it), and the field is just quite crowded. There are plenty of CMS “technically” superior to WordPress that just fall way short of WordPress f.i., simply because WordPress does everything already, if not perfectly it does them well enough, and you can find plugins, templates, themes and designers very easily.

    The crypto-currencies site on the other hand does blockchain explorers, which is all about sifting through gigabytes of ever-changing data, and sophistication and performance can make a real difference.

    FWIW it uses many trick in the book, from templated HTML to client-side rendering of JSON data and AJAX live updates. Not using websockets yet, as I’m not sure of the scaleability with thousandths of simultaneous connections, while scaleability of ajax live data through a CDN proved trivial.

  5. Hi Eric, sorry if I post here in another topic, but I haven’t been able to reach you in anyway that I could think of. I wrote to your google+ but it is seen you missed it.

    Unluckily you are also locking the old post comments.

    Regarding Slim Multi-Read Single-Write Locks I wrote a completely custom lock that has the performance of Slim Read/Write Locks and it is reentrant as critical sections. I would like if you can test it and give me your suggestions. I used the same test program you used to test the locks in that blog post.

  6. @Tommaso Ercole old topics are locked as usually they mostly end up up getting spam

    Did some quick performance tests (didn’t test re-entrance or correctness), and it appears to be quite similar in performance as the Slim MRSW indeed. From the source code (CheckRecursiveWriteLock) however is appears that write locks are not re-entrant?

  7. Hi Eric, thanks for looking at it.

    In fact I wrote it up so quickly that I didn’t rename even the unit and I didn’t notice inside the zip that I created starting from the test program there was another file SyncMultipeReadersOneWriter.pas is not my code. Mine is inside unit2.pas.

    The writer locks should be reentrant as the reader ones and you should be able to mix following read and write locks in whichever order you want.

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