New DWS WebServer release

DWS_serverA new pre-compiled release v2014.04.04 for the DWS WebServer is available from the downloads page, it is compiled from the latest source.

Besides the usual demo sites, it has been used to serve a crypto-currency block-chain explorer website that peaked at 1600 page views / hour after some successful tweets went viral.

For details changes, the best source of information is the SVN changelog, below is a rough summary (not limited to the DWS WebServer):

  • added System.Encoding lib module (dwsEncodingLibModule), which offers encoding & decoding services for “URL Encoded” (aka “Percent Encoded”), HTMLText, Base64 and utf-8. The last two rely on mORMot
  • added StrMatches & Matches string helper, which performs a match against a simple filter string (with “*” and “?” wildcards)
  • improved JSONVariant performance and capability (allows manipulating JSON data directly on the fly in scripts as if you were in JavaScript)
  • fixed DataSet.IsNull method
  • ability to specify workers timeout independently from pages timeout in the configuration file
  • web server now handles IfModifiedSince/LastModified caching automatically for static resources
  • improved web server shutdown sequence (will now abort scripts)
  • updated SQLite to
  • misc. fixes and improvements

PS: crypto-currency website is not linked here as I want to keep it separate-traffic wise for the moment, finding it is left as an exercise for the astute readers 🙂 Suffice it to say it leverages workers to gather data 24/7 from a dozen daemons hosted in Linux VMs, compiles the data, then serves it through an ajax UI to pages it composed.