fractals.dwscript.netHappy new Year to all!

The is now launched to host the results of the recent Mandelbrot TeraPixel experiment. It’s a small website to centralizes browser, documentations, links and downloads.

There was also news of a FireMonkey client for the data set API.

Raw Database Downloads now Available

For those interested, in the Documentation page of the new website you’ll find download links (as torrents) for the raw tile databases.

Databases for levels 0 to 12 (one TeraPixels) are online.

Database for level 13 (four TeraPixels) is still undergoing re-compression (90% done as I’m writing this).

FireMonkey Client

Dave from The Itinerant Developer made a FireMonkey client that uses the TeraPixel Mandelbrot data set.

He released his sources on google code, which include a tile engine and accompanying rendering logic.

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