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Launching fractals.dwscript.net

fractals.dwscript.net [1]Happy new Year to all!

The fractals.dwscript.net [1] is now launched to host the results of the recent Mandelbrot TeraPixel [2]¬†experiment. It’s a small website to centralizes browser, documentations, links and downloads.

There was also news of a FireMonkey client for the data set API.

Raw Database Downloads now Available

For those interested, in the Documentation [3] page of the new website you’ll find download links (as torrents) for the raw tile databases.

Databases for levels 0 to 12 (one TeraPixels) are online.

Database for level 13 (four TeraPixels) is still undergoing re-compression (90% done as I’m writing this).

FireMonkey Client

Dave from The Itinerant Developer [4] made a FireMonkey client that uses the TeraPixel Mandelbrot data set.

He released his sources on google code [5], which include a tile engine and accompanying rendering logic.