And the Terapixel Became Four

whirlpoolThe Christmas Mandelbrot Experiment is now nearing has achieved completion of Level 13, or a Four Terapixel image!

This will be the end of the experiment (at least temporarily) as the server is running out of storage space 🙂

Finishing Level 13

I’ve temporarily closed off browsing of Level 12 to make room for Level 13, at the same time the previous levels are being re-compressed to free up space, but more advanced compression will be required for the long run.

There was a bug in the tiles being available for computing during Level 13, the missing tiles have been added back, but they’re all high complexity tiles, which take more time to compute, but they also require more bandwidth to upload, so at the moment server bandwidth is bottle-necked.

About 500 GB of data has now been uploaded since the beginning of the experiment. Obviously some better upload compression will be necessary, though the really complex tiles are very chaotic and don’t respond very well to loss-less compression.

The databases for levels 0 to 11 are now available on request (to conserve bandwidth), Level 12 is still being re-compressed.

Level 13 Completed

Update: the Level 13 was completed a few hours later. Database is around 37 GB, and will be recompressed over the next days. It is already accessible, just don’t expect top notch performance.

Download links for databases of previous levels (as torrents) will be posted as the databases are recompressed and once backup bandwidth requirements have been fulfilled.