DWScript SVN: method keyword and other changes

A quick update on recent changes in the SVN:

  • introduced support for Prism-like ‘method‘ keyword, which can be used as an alternative for ‘procedure‘ and ‘function‘ for class methods.
    procedure TMyClass.MyMethodWithNoResult;
    function TMyClass.ReturnsAString : String;

    can now alternatively be written as

    method TMyClass.MyMethodWithNoResult;
    method TMyClass.ReturnsAString : String;

    both forms are supported, though if you declared as a method‘ in the class, you’ll have to implement as a ‘method‘.

  • local ‘const‘ sections are now accepted in a procedure body, and you can have multiple ‘const‘ and ‘var‘ sections before ‘begin‘.
  • type inference now accepted for variables in the ‘var‘ section of a procedure body.
  • minor compiler optimization and fixes