DWS weekly news

Here is a quick summary of what changed in the SVN since the last update:

  • array variables can now be initialized (with [] to enclose values), ie. the code below is now supported:
      var abc : array [1..3] of String = ['a', 'b', 'c'];
      abc := [ 'hello', 'world', '!'];
  • dwsClassesLibModule now exposes a minimalistic TStringBuilder.
  • added dwsRunner to the demos, a simple command-line runner for DWScript.
  • fixes to const parameters and constant arrays, though  those don’t benefit from optimizations at this point.
  • trivial infinite loops are detected and warned about (repeat or while loops with an empty body and a constant condition).
  • upgraded dwsResult and dwsHTMLFilter to use TStringBuilder internally.
  • added MaxRecursionDepth to TdwsConfig, allows limiting the maximum number of recursive calls a script is allowed to perform.
  • various fixes and minor additions.

3 thoughts on “DWS weekly news

  1. I was just looking at DWS. Very interesting script system you’ve got so far. One thing I wonder about, though. You have a compiler which produces a TdwsProgram object, but it seems to be of rather limited usefulness, since I’ve looked at TdwsProgram and it seems to be lacking the most important feature of a compiled language: delayed execution.

    PascalScript has a compiler that inputs a string and outputs another string, containing bytecode that can be fed into the script executor object. You can save this script to a file, and load it up later and run it. But how do I save a serialized representation of TdwsProgram? There doesn’t seem to be a Save or a Load method.

  2. There is no way to stream a TdwsProgram, and ther won’t be, mainly because serializing wouldn’t offer much in the way of practical benefits over re-compiling the source.
    I’ll make a post on the detailed “WHYs” 😉

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