Abstracted file system for DWS, and other news

The DWScript SVN version introduced a file system abstraction (via the dwsFileSystem unit). This is a both a security fix (restrict what scripts see and what the compiler can include) and an enhancement. You can f.i. run your scripts within a virtualized file system limited to a directory, a database, or whatever. At the moment this is still quite experimental and subject to change.

In other news, only in the SVN:

  • format() function: it is seen as taking an array of variant from the script side, but on the Delphi side that array can be seen as a TVarRec array (Delphi’s array of const).
  • multiple fixes for mis-detected or improper compile-time error messages (thanks Alexey Kazantsev!)
  • unit tests coverage for the core compiler and runtime units is now around 70%, still some way to go, but improving.

5 thoughts on “Abstracted file system for DWS, and other news

  1. thanks for the info. btw the first link to google code page is misformated (is this even a valid english word ?).

  2. There was some way back, there may be a few demos still floating around.
    At the moment, this isn’t exactly planned, but the support for custom datatypes, vector/matrix and JITting is intended for 3D manipulations, to supplement the Delphi compiler’s capability in that area which are (and will likely stay) minimal.
    Though no work on that will likely start before Delphi makes the jump to 64bit.

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