Christmas present for SynEdit users

SynEdit LogoJust committed to the SynEdit SVN a few enhancements:

  • much improved performance for long & large files, still not quite notepad++-class just yet, but my profiler tells me there are many juicy low-hanging candies left 🙂
  • improvements to the TSynGeneralSyn highlighter (single & double quote mode, token callback, and a few other niceties)
  • DWScript syntax highlighter has been moved to the SynEdit SVN, the copy in the DWScript SVN will no longer be the primary reference

edit 27/12: committed another optimization, AFAICT, when working on large files, SynEdit is now faster than the Delphi IDE code editor and *way* faster than Scintilla/notepad++ (with and without a syntax highlighter like DWS’s)

13 thoughts on “Christmas present for SynEdit users

  1. @Rodrigo
    Post your code in the SynEdit sourceforge tracker, I have XE2 for experiments & testing, but it’s not my primary platform (still on XE for the foreseeable future).
    Otherwise, you could also ask for developer access to one of the SynEdit admins and add VCL Styles support yourself directly!

  2. It’s good to know you worked in it too. Thanks.
    #off topic, I see you close comments when a post get old. That’s is a wise decision to reduce SPAM. But can you increase the time? Sometimes I can read the posts only one or two weeks after they are posted. I know this in the Internet is ages… But I need to sleep from 0:00 to 6:00 am. (Shame on me.) 🙂
    And I don’t feel comfortably enough to comment off-topics without your permission. For example, here about random numbers (

  3. EMB :
    #off topic, I see you close comments when a post get old. That’s is a wise decision to reduce SPAM. But can you increase the time?

    Had to, the spam was getting out of hand really, and I don’t want to use registration schemes for comments. I’ve increased the delay from 14 to 21 days, I’ll see if the spam stays manageable, if not, I may have to decrease it again…

    Otherwise, for commenting on old subjects, you can post about them in the Embarcadero delphi non-tech forum (when the server works…), if you want others reactions, or mail me directly (and that may give me a subject for a new post ;))

  4. @Eric
    Thanks Eric. That should be enough time. Hope the spam don’t get in the way. Time is a valuable resource, and you should not waste it with spam. Anyway, I will follow your advice if I arrive late at the party again. 😉

  5. @Philnext
    I don’t have access to the “File” directory, only SVN & tracker… There should be a 2.0.6 in the release directory, but that is quite outdated too, but I don’t know why it isn’t suggested.

    Though SVN is probably easier to use than zip, once you’ve installed TortoiseSVN, I know many still prefer a good old source code zip. I’ll ask around if I can get rights.

  6. Eric
    I saw all the version and it is not clear why 2.0.3 is prefered. I know how to get last version by SVN but my remark was for ‘new users’ who come on a SF project and see that the proposed version is a 2006 one and the last release is a 2007 one …he think it’s not maintained and go his way. If you can’t get rights may be it’s time to make a fork !

  7. @Philnext
    I don’t know why either, could be some obscure flag that needs be set in sourceforge and that was forgotten about.

    I’d rather avoid forking SynEdit once more, there have already been too many SynEdit forks IMHO, which usually ended up dead or too specific, with little coming back into the main (not because people didn’t contribute back, but because merging diverging branches is a lot of work)… and I don’t also have time to maintain it.

    I can smooth rough spots or optimize hot-spots, but that’s about it for the moment!

  8. Eric
    In Sourceforge, if you are Admin and logged, you change the default downloaded file with :
    =Choose the ‘Files’ menu.
    =Browse until selecting the file you want the be the default one.
    =Click on the ‘Info’ round button with ‘view details’ Hint.
    =Then you can select it (for every OS) with check boxes.

  9. @Philnext
    Thanks, but I guess I don’t have enough rights, the check boxes aren’t active for me. And I also cant access the file release to add a release…

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