Sampling Profiler for Delphi 1.7.6 available

You can now download SamplingProfiler 1.7.6 (642 kB), version highlights are:

  • Fixed support for Windows 7.
  • Cosmetic tweaks, and fixes to the filter functionality.
  • Compiled with Delphi XE.

Thanks goes to Dan Bartlett for the suggestion that led to the Win7 compatibility fix!

8 thoughts on “Sampling Profiler for Delphi 1.7.6 available

  1. Thanks for Windows7 improvement. It was very hard to use it before.

    Still problems trying to close result window with Ctrl-F4 or Ctrl-W. It leads to access violation.

    Also another hint…Sometimes I maximize the window and then when Profiler is restarted it is occupy strange desktop position. State is not restored correctly.

    Thanks for developing such great tool.

  2. Thanks for this, but there may be a bug –

    I’ve built an app that launches its main functionality as a thread separate from the VCL, which picks up message flags from the message handler. When profiling, if I select single-threaded sampling I obviously only get the VCL thread. If I select Monte-Carlo sampling I get no samples at all after over an hour of runtime. It’s a tad exasperating, as I really need to be able to profile the spawned thread – the VCL spends most of its time idling 🙂

    I’m running a Delphi 2010 app under Windows 7 on a Core2Duo if that helps.

  3. I’m seeing it too, CREATE_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT seems to be returning an incorrect thread handle, thus the failures, not sure why.
    Aligning the structure doesn’t seem to fix it this time… need more investigations.

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