Non-English Blogs now on

beginend176Non-English Blogs have been added to, not many just yet: three in Italian, one French and one Korean!

The website itself stays in English, and the posts titles & descriptions are going to be automatically-translated in English (currently through Microsoft Translator service).

To see those blogs and gauge the quality of the translation, head over to the feeds page and sort by language.

Given I am using the free tier of Microsoft Translator, the translation is for the moment “semi automatic”, in that it’s automatic, but on manual administrator action only… until I am confident enough there is no bug that will waste the free translation credits 😉

Once there are “enough” non-English blogs to warrant it, some form of filtering will likely be introduced.

And who knows, once there are “many” non-English blogs, localized versions of could make sense!

2 thoughts on “Non-English Blogs now on

  1. Nice idea to have Non-English blogs included, but there is a catch.
    Please include a note in the description of a Non-English blog-page.telling what language the original is in.
    It is really annoying to visit a blog-page, after reading an interesting english description, ending on a page you cant read.

  2. @HelgeLarsen there is a “pill” box for auto-translated entries, and usually browser offer to auto-translate foreign languages for you, I am planning to add some more prominent blog language info later on.

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