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New DWS WebServer release

DWS_serverA new pre-compiled release v2014.04.04 for the DWS WebServer is available from the downloads page [1], it is compiled from the latest source.

Besides the usual demo sites, it has been used to serve a crypto-currency block-chain explorer website that peaked at 1600 page views / hour after some successful tweets went viral.

For details changes, the best source of information is the SVN changelog, below is a rough summary (not limited to the DWS WebServer):

PS: crypto-currency website is not linked here as I want to keep it separate-traffic wise for the moment, finding it is left as an exercise for the astute readers 🙂 Suffice it to say it leverages workers to gather data 24/7 from a dozen daemons hosted in Linux VMs, compiles the data, then serves it through an ajax UI to pages it composed.