MapFileStats v1.3 update

mapfilestats_iconMy small MapFileStats utility has been updated to 1.3 (last public release was four years ago…).
The utility provides simple statistics about compiled size, to help you figure out what went into your executable.

This version add as few minor features and improves detection of project file, which could result in missing DFM size.


Previously, the map file was assumed to be in the same folder as the project root, if that wasn’t the case (f.i. with the default Debug/Release/Platform subdirectories in recent Delphi versions), forms included in the project with relative paths couldn’t be located.

I also added a bare-bones DPR parser, as it appeareded that the MAP files are incorrect when a form is included with a relative path in the DPR, and the directory of that form isn’t specified in the IDE or project search paths (we don’t reference forms in the DPR here, so the issue went unnoticed).

Other minor additions:

  • Added percentage column
  • Added ability to copy lines to clipboard
  • Misc. cosmetic changes

You can download v1.3 from the MapFileStats Changelog page.