MapFileStats Changelog

2023-01-27 – MapFileStats_setup-1.6.exe (3.6 MB)

Support for HDPI
Comes wrapped in an installer


2013-12-12 – MapFileStats-1.5 (863 kB)

Auto-detect Delphi DCUs directory
Don’t scan .git/.svn/__history folders
Prioritize DCUs from the EXE directory


mapfilestats-1.42013-11-15 – MapFileStats-1.4 (858 kB)

Now provides detailed size information (classes, functions…)
Added visual bar charts
Improved file scanner performance
Misc. cosmetic changes


mapfilestats-1.32013-10-24 – MapFileStats-1.3 (628 kB)

Now detects project location in parent folders of MAP file
Added percentage column
Added ability to copy lines to clipboard
Misc. cosmetic changes


2009-04-09 – MapFileStats 1.2 (368 kB)

Now uses MAP file information to locate DFMs
Added ability to abort Search Paths scan (for DCUs)
Remember MapFile and Search Paths between execution
Fixed Ctrl+A not updating status bar


2009-12-03 – MapFileStats 1.1 (355 kB)

Initial public release.