DWScript Programming enters TIOBE

up_downAs a followup to the TIOBE & Pascal micro saga, thanks to David Champion, DWScript programming is now a (very) small part of the TIOBE TPCI stats, and Oxygene became its own language at position #163.

Here is an excerpt from the TIOBE update for July 2013

An interesting discussion with David Champion resulted in the following changes in the index: Oxygene is now a new language (at position #163), DWScript has been added to the Delphi/Object Pascal entry and 11% of all hits for “Pascal programming” now count for Delphi/Object Pascal.

As for why Pascal, Delphi/ObjectPascal and Oxygene being separated, it’s because they have a distinct wikipedia page, and that’s the rule/criterion being used, cf. this explanation that David received and posted:

  • Add Oxygene as a separate entry to the TIOBE index (this is according to the rule that if a language has its own Wikipedia entry it will have a separate entry in the TIOBE index as well)
  • Add DWScript to the Object Pascal entry (because it is mentioned as a language in the Object Pascal Wikipedia entry and has no separate entry)
  • Calculate what percentage of “Pascal programming” refers to Object Pascal. Suppose it is x%, then the confidence of Pascal will become 100-x% and the confidence of Object Pascal for +”Pascal programming” will be set to x%

Wikipedia has pages for Pascal and Object Pascal where DWScript (Smart Pascal) and Oxygene are mentioned as dialects, but Oxygene also has its own page, so it gets counted separately.

So the Pascal stats still remain fragmented, and Delphi/Object Pascal fell down a bit more in the stats, and is now even below Pascal. Oh well.