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DWScript Programming enters TIOBE

up_downAs a followup to the TIOBE & Pascal [1] micro saga, thanks to David Champion, DWScript programming [2] is now a (very) small part of the TIOBE TPCI [3] stats, and Oxygene became its own language at position #163.

Here is an excerpt from the TIOBE update for July 2013

An interesting discussion with David Champion resulted in the following changes in the index: Oxygene is now a new language (at position #163), DWScript has been added to the Delphi/Object Pascal entry and 11% of all hits for “Pascal programming” now count for Delphi/Object Pascal.

As for why Pascal, Delphi/ObjectPascal and Oxygene being separated, it’s because they have a distinct wikipedia page, and that’s the rule/criterion being used, cf. this explanation that David received and posted [4]:

  • Add Oxygene as a separate entry to the TIOBE index (this is according to the rule that if a language has its own Wikipedia entry it will have a separate entry in the TIOBE index as well)
  • Add DWScript to the Object Pascal entry (because it is mentioned as a language in the Object Pascal Wikipedia entry and has no separate entry)
  • Calculate what percentage of “Pascal programming” refers to Object Pascal. Suppose it is x%, then the confidence of Pascal will become 100-x% and the confidence of Object Pascal for +”Pascal programming” will be set to x%

Wikipedia has pages for Pascal [5] and Object Pascal [6] where DWScript (Smart Pascal) and Oxygene are mentioned as dialects, but Oxygene also has its own page [7], so it gets counted separately.

So the Pascal stats still remain fragmented, and Delphi/Object Pascal fell down a bit more in the stats, and is now even below Pascal. Oh well.