Delphi “Meteors” running Web-side

Amongst the samples included with Delphi, you can find a “Meteors” clone. With SmartMobileStudio approaching the next beta milestone, I gave it a run at compiling old Delphi code, VCL, TCanvas-based, that was never intended to run Web-side… but now does! Click here or the image below to test it!

The controls are the same as in Delphi: arrow keys to turn and accelerate, space bar to fire.

Since the original code is under Embarcadero copyright, I can’t post the source here, but like with the Old School Maze, the amount of adaptations required was minimal, and the old code is running in near-vanilla form (with all its quirks). You can find DMeteor source code in the Samples\Delphi\VCL\Meteor directory that came with Delphi or RAD Studio.

The old Delphi code was pegged at 20 FPS and 600×400, and this version is too. Maybe once the PGD Challenge is over, I’ll try to find time to upgrade it to a 60 FPS, HD version, fix the difficulty and add Playtomic global leader-boards, just to show how simple it can be to leverage Pascal in the HTML5 era  😉

5 thoughts on “Delphi “Meteors” running Web-side

  1. Fun, but could you turn the rate of acceleration down a bit? Asteroids is all about fine control, and that’s impossible when the slightest tap on the up arrow sends you from zero to sixty in no time flat.

  2. Hi there Eric:) Sorry for goint a bit out of topic but comments under “Links” section are closed.

    I am in real need of “Delphi Optimization Guidelines by Robert Lee”. I’ve read it a few years ago and need to refresh myself few things. The problem is that link which you gave is dead. Maybe you have a copy of this document to share with me? That would be great…:)

  3. @catico
    Works on current FireFox (11) on Win7/64, not sure what they fixed since 9.

    Ah well, that link was already to a mirror of the original site… I had some partial backup, I’ve uploaded them here and updated the link.

  4. @Eric

    with FF12 on Win7/64, i get a black screen with nothing within there.
    but pressing spacebar shoots bullets from the mid, and i can
    change the direction.
    So i see bullets flying throug the black.
    Funny, but probably not the intended

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