DWScript 2.2 preview 3

A source archive file for DWS 2.2 preview 3 (231 kB)  is now available. This is essentially just a zip file (7zip actually) for those not using the SVN.

Changes since the last post are rather limited:

  • built-in “QuotedStr” function now accepts a second quoteChar parameter.
  • improved compiler robustness (keeps parsing and reporting more errors in more cases), clarified some compile errors.
  • improved unit tests coverage (84.6%).

Further changes since the last archive (preview 2) are listed in the following posts:


8 thoughts on “DWScript 2.2 preview 3

  1. Just a question. Is it possible to create classes in the script? Or must all classes be written in real delphi and only used from procedures? I seem to remember that DWScript actually handles classes written in the script itself?

  2. @Jon Lennart Aasenden
    DWS supports designing whole class hierarchies from scratch in the script, you’ve got virtual methods, class methods, properties, etc.

    @Bob Stanton
    The main supported version is Delphi XE, Delphi 2009 is supported too, but there may occasionally be compatibility issues (as I’m not using that version). Delphi 2010 should be supported too (don’t have it installed though).
    For RTTI, you need Delphi XE.
    Older versions are not supported.

  3. @Eric
    DWS works perfectly in D2010, however I had a small issue in one unit(can’t remember the name) where I had to add:
    type PNativeInt = ^NativeInt;
    that was my only issue, other than that works perfectly, all tho’ I haven’t tested too much, but I will in the next 2-3 weeks or so, I’m planing on using DWS for a medium sized company which needs fast interpretor(DWS) for dynamic HTML pages, so I’ll use Indy and DWS.
    Many thanks to the developers involved in DWS, you guys are doing an awesome job, keep it going!!

  4. I used DWS in an a product I made many years ago (Wow, it must be 10 years already). It was a desktop search engine. I wrote parsing drivers for different online searchengines like yahoo, google etc.. So it used these external engines to get links. Whenever the online engines changed API or layout – i had to write new drivers. Which was picked up by the application as an automatic update. Im glad DWS is still around – its been a long time since I used it but I remember it was fantastic to work with. I will most probably use it again in my OP4JS system.

    How hard will it be to disable/enable features in it? For instance, if I want to disable support for properties – will this be hard to achieve? It would be cool to have settings for language features like that.

    Will download & test this soon!

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