Delphi 64 beta official after all

Did the attention that my little April 1st post drew help set things in motion a little earlier than planned?

It’ll be denied, it wasn’t seen, and it can’t be proven, it’s just that the slides and the video look a bit rushed, but anyway, on a just released Delphi 64 sneak preview page on the Embarcadero website, there  is a now a “join the beta” link, were you can apply for the beta. However the beta isn’t open, and Delphi XE users will apparently have priority.

As for the preview keypoints themselves, Marco Cantu has an executive summary.

It seems the beta will be under the usual NDA terms, so it may be some more time before more details filter out.

4 thoughts on “Delphi 64 beta official after all

  1. Will You apply for the beta (already applied)? I think that your input could at this time improve product before its probable launch in september-october 2011.


  2. Just agreeing on the probable/hopeful launch date of September – October. Glad others have the same thought as me on that one.

    Already put our details in the hat for the beta, but we’re not an XE house. Funnily enough it’s the lack of 64bit that has kept us from upgrading, but I don’t disagree with the idea that current XE users should take precedence.

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