SamplingProfiler & Windows 7

As you may be aware, for and unknown reason SamplingProfiler doesn’t work under Windows 7, the technical details as to what doesn’t work under Windows 7 are in this stackoverflow question:

GetThreadContext fails after a successful SuspendThread in Windows 7

If you’ve any idea of the answer, or know someone who might know the answer, any help would be appreciated! The documentation on the subject is very limited both on the Microsoft site and on the Internet…

edit: following a suggestion by Dan Bartlett on stackoverflow, it seems the issue was an alignment constraint introduced (or enforced?) in Win! I’ve compiled a beta version with the change, grab it here: (679 kB), if fix is confirmed, I’ll make a full release. A full release is now available.

3 thoughts on “SamplingProfiler & Windows 7

  1. Good news. I’ll be testing it on Monday at work. I was ready to go with the hassle of installing a VM just to try and work around this problem…

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