DWScript preview 4

Last DWS preview zip was already a while back, so I posted a new preview zip of Delphi Web Script for the SVN-averse.
For the changes since the previous zip, you may want to check here, here and here), as while you’re at it, you may as well check the following:

  • reactivated the COM Connector, which allows to connect to arbitrary COM/OLE objects from within a script. More tests are required.
  • introduced initial support for the “in” operator, at the moment, it merely allows use of the “case..of” syntax in boolean expressions, with no specific optimizations f.i.
    if (n in [4, 6..8, 10]) then ...
    if (s in ['abc', 'def']) then ...
  • open arrays can now be declared in script functions, as “const someName : array of const” parameters. They behave like arrays of variants from a type-checking point of view.
  • added basic support for default values in the shorthand notation used to register internal functions, this is used for Inc and Dec at the moment.
  • introduced constant unification, this is both a memory and performance optimization, it’s still largely experimental at the moment.
  • various other optimizations and bug fixes.

Thanks go to Alexey Kazantsev for the testing efforts!