“Live” IDE scripting for DWScript

DWS compiler and execution engine are reaching very nice maturity levels, meaning they can be used to compile & execute code interactively, for instance to edit a web page, which mixes HTML, CSS, server-side dynamic Object Pascal content generation and client-side Object-Pascal scripted content.


Small is Beautiful

Small JavaScript that is. Or how to go from 350 kB down to just… 25 kB 23 kB.

Smaller JavaScript can help in up to three ways:

  • faster download: faster application installation or startup.
  • faster parsing for the browser: faster startup.
  • smaller identifiers: faster execution for non-JITting JavaScript engines.

And smaller also means you can have far more complex applications for a given size budget.


Taming the Chrome Web Store

Chromium LogoWell, “taming” is probably too ambitious given the jungle that the Chrome Web Store is, especially as this post is restricted to publishing a standalone DWScript/JavaScript app into the Web Store in a few simple steps.

Interestingly enough, it seems that publishing Metro apps for Windows 8 will follow a similar process, according to the developer preview.

I’ll use the Flock Demo as an illustration, and turn it into a packaged app, that lives in Chrome and can be access off-line.