Best wishes for 2017!

A belated Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2017!

This site and news have been neglected for much of 2016, this year’s resolution will be to try and revive it a bit.

In particular announcements and articles have fallen way behind the code as far as DWScript is concerned. So I will start the year by attempting to rectify that.

A mini-summary of what happened after April (when BigInteger support first got added), in no particular order:

  • Improvements to BigInteger support (new functions, performance, etc.)
  • Improvements to JSON support (performance)
  • Asynchronous Http queries from scripts, and general HttpRequest class improvements
  • Support for Server-Sent Events (push) in the DWSWebServer
  • New String support functions, and performance improvements
  • CustomStates and CustomInterfaces mechanism to allow script libraries to store custom data attached to a script execution
  • New date/time format settings control from scripts
  • Support for high-performance URL rewriting in the DWSWebServer
  • Internal hashes now use xxHash32, which improved performance significantly in some areas
  • Multiple internal services migrated from critical sections to Slim Read-Write locks, which improved performance significantly for some multi-threaded workloads.
  • Various refactoring to move tidbits into new units and decouple things (yeah, vague, but the detailed list is long)
  • General compiler stability fixes, improved error reporting and many new unit tests

The current DWScript code-base should be faster both at compile and runtime, more stable, and more capable than ever before. I am planning to go into more details for several of the entries above.

Also DWSWebServer has been in use on a large site which saw its share of DDoS attempts and attacks throughout 2016, so resilience to those has been improved as well.