Random Passphrase Generator

DWS_serverI’ve activated a small random pass phrase secure service based on DWScript Web Server.

You can reach it at


Pass Phrases not Pass Words

Random pass phrases are a good alternative to passwords, as they’re easier to memorize and have higher entropy, for an illustration see the infamous http://xkcd.com/936/:

The code of the generator itself is trivial as it just picks random words from several lists of nouns/verbs/adjectives to generate a grammatically correct phrase, that despite being usually completely meaningless is also trivial to memorize.

padlockSSL DWScript Web Service

The point of the service however is to showcase and test the SSL capability of the DWScript WebServer / http.sys.

The SSL certificate itself is a free, but secure certificate from StartSSL, so pass-phrases you generate through the service are safe.

For more details, see Setting up an SSL DWScript Web Server.

Note: SSL currently disabled, the servers now serves another domain on SSL.