DWScript now supports Delphi XE5

dws-mirrorDWScript SVN version will now compile and run under XE5.

There is only one gotcha due to an XE5 regression.

While running the DWScript test suite through XE 5 trial, and while most of DWScript ran okay under XE5, I noticed the following regression:

  • integer divisions by zero aren’t properly wrapped, instead of an EDivByZero, you’ll get an “exception class $C0000094 with message ‘integer divide by zero at 0x0040b14f'” (values will vary) in the IDE debugger. This does seem to affect the ability to trap divisions by zero at runtime (in a simpler console and test apps, trapping worked, in more complex ones, it didn’t, so be wary if you do rely on trapping integer divisions by zero).
  • compiler more reliably warns about missing “uses” for inlining.
  • some RTL exception message strings got spell-checked (invalid IntToStr f.i.), others got corrupted (some invalid format strings f.i.).

Performance and memory usage throughout the DWS benchmarks and test suite seems essentially unchanged (within a 2% error margin).

4 thoughts on “DWScript now supports Delphi XE5

  1. DWSWebServe build with Dwscript rel.20130927 and mormot rel.20130920 compiling, starting but not working..

  2. continuation:
    It does not work scripting.
    With Dwscript rel.20130902 and mormot rel.20130920 DWSWebServe works.

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