Updated DWSWebServer precompiled binary

DWS_serverThe DWS Web Server pre-compiled binary has been updated, it is now packaged in an InnoSetup installer, comes with SQLite and other changes (see below).

The installer is still rather simple, but includes command files for service installataion/uninstallation, link to online documentations and an uninstaller. The previous Getting Started guide still applies, but is thus simplified.

edit 2013-09-05:

  • Fixed mime type for js/css/html/gif/png for machines where they’re
    misconfigured in the Windows registry
  • Updated to SQLite

edit 2013-09-03:

  • cosmetic improvements for the sample index page
  • improved HTML filter performance
  • smarter script invalidation cache
  • should now install again under Vista

The new version also includes the following recent changes:

  • SQLite engine upgraded to and now relies on an external DLL (so you can update it manually)
  • Compiled with latest mORMot sources (minor performance improvements and bug fixes)
  • New Server.Compression in options.json and WebResponse.Compression property, set them to false to disable automatic HTTP compression at the server and request levels respectively
  • New Database.VersionInfoText property
  • Improved performance for integer parameters in Print/PrintLn

4 thoughts on “Updated DWSWebServer precompiled binary

  1. In uses Test:
    Syntax Error: Unknown unit “TestUnit” [line: 5, column: 14]
    Syntax Error: Unknown name “TestIt” [line: 6, column: 1]
    prev was ok.

    and in current source demo
    {$R *.dres} => {$R *.res}

  2. Oops! the installer was creating a “.libs” should have been just “.lib”. Uploaded fixed installer. Thanks for reporting!

  3. Nice, but can’t try this at home :
    installer doesn’t accept Vista 32 bits SP2. and the zip no more available.

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