Fixed TIOBE index

For some unfathomable reason, the TIOBE index distinguishes between “Pascal” and “Object Pascal”, and the “Pascal” category is seeing growth:


So it can’t be the old classic procedural Pascal, can it? That leaves only Object Pascal dialects (FreePascal the largest, but also Oxygene and SmartPascal/DWScript). Pascal programming isn’t dead or dying.

I’m guessing they’re getting for Pascal indirect hits for the other Pascal dialects, which people just don’t type in their entirety (TIOBE looks for “xxx programming” searches). So below is a table with a single Pascal entry.

Not enough to get into the top 10, but enough to get back in the game, and close enough that bypassing downtrending Ruby is a distinct possibility.

Programming Language Ratings
1 C 17.809% +0.08%   A
2 Java 16.656% +0.39%   A
3 Objective-C 10.356% +1.26%   A
4 C++ 8.819% -0.54%   A
5 PHP 5.987% +0.70%   A
6 C# 5.783% -1.24%   A
7 (Visual) Basic 4.348% -1.70%   A
8 Python 4.183% +0.33%   A
9 Perl 2.273% +0.05%   A
10 JavaScript 1.654% +0.18%   A
11 Ruby 1.479% -0.20%   A
12 Pascal 1.381%  -0,62%   A
13 Transact-SQL 0.913% +0.21%   A
14 Lisp 0.879% -0.11%   A

11 thoughts on “Fixed TIOBE index

  1. I was wondering if the “RAD Studio” trend of publicity by Embarcadero, may be one reason why Delphi is going down while “RAD Studio” is not even considered by TIOBE.

  2. I just can’t get TIOBE at all. I’ve never in my life used “Delphi programming” in any Google search, and I don’t know any developer near me doing it. The word “Delphi” alone is in most cases enough to get you on the right track. You don’t search for “TStringList Delphi Programming”. In 100% of the cases, “TStringList” (or “TStringList Delphi” in the worst case) is enough because of the very unique standard class names of Delphi, compared to other languages.

  3. These statistics were funny a couple of years ago, but they shouldn’t be taken serious because they’re entirely worthless because of the way the list is calculated.

    It doesn’t look at the number of commits in repositories on sourceforge, google code or github.
    It doesn’t look specifically at tags on stackoverflow.

    Te fact that the creators don’t understand that there is no such language as object pascal says enough by itself already. I once sent an email about that, and i received a response that explained that they take wikipedia as the standard about what is a programming language.
    There is a wikipedia page for pascal-programming-language and objectpascal-programming-language, but there is no page for delphi-programming-language. 🙂

    Please don’t feed the tiobe trolls.

  4. I completely agree with Alexandre Machado! The whole mechanism by which TIOBE measures programming language popularity is flawed. So anyone drawing conclusions from TIOBE should seriously question TIOBE’s methodology rather than following a culprit cargo.

  5. Discussions of the utility of TIOBE and their metrics aside, it is rather odd to suggest that even the “fixed” Pascal entry might overtake the “downtrending” Ruby given that even with the fix in, Pascal is downtrending faster than Ruby.

    On the evidence of that table, the more likely prospect is that Pascal and Ruby will themselves be overtaken by Transact-SQL and possibly even Lisp (which is also downtrending but at a slower rate)!


  6. “(TIOBE looks for “xxx programming” searches)”

    Programming is my favourite porn genre.

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