DWScript showcase: Graphics32 interactive demo

Graphics32 is a rich, high-performance 32bits graphics library for Delphi, with extensive capability. This showcase was submitted by Christian-W Budde, who is an active contributor to the Graphics32 project.


This is an interactive demo/testing tool where you can write GR32 code and immediately see its output.

This can help develop complex graphics from code. While writing the manual this comes very handsome, because previously we coded everything in Delphi with a lot of trial and error, which involves compilation and execution.

Now, both steps are performed in background and all you need to do is to inspect, whether the output is sufficient.

This tool is currently a work in progress, you can download a (not so recent) GR32_DWS executable version here (7zip, 1048 kB).

8 thoughts on “DWScript showcase: Graphics32 interactive demo

  1. CTRL-SPACE brings up code insight, but go to a new line, type “GR32.” and then hit CTRL-SPACE, and watch it crash with what appears to be an access violation message in German.

  2. Are there any possibilities that you will release this samples source code?


    Yogi Yang

  3. I just sent the latest demo to Eric. It contains dozens of improvements and new features (such as color gradients). Also several bugs have been fixed in the meantime, but since it is rather an internal tool, I did not keep track about all changes. Being work in progress there are still some things to add/fix in order to be feature complete, but it can already show quite some potential of Graphics32 and DWS.

    @Yogi Yang I have planned to release the source code as open source in the future, but not before it has a certain quality (beyond being an internal tool). If you (or others) are interested, feel free to send me a mail for a private alpha test.

    Note that the source code is about 700 kB in size and you can’t just integrate the functionality into other applications just by drag & drop or such. This, however, is the final aim, which opens it up for the use in other applications as well.

  4. @Brian Frost
    The basic code (without GR32 specific code) is already available as demo ‘LiveScripting’. This is also used for LLVM specific testing, but only if the corresponding symbol is defined (LLVM and LLVM_EXECUTE). I will make sure to separate this in the future again.

    Maybe we can even write a small IDE with an integrated LLVM compiler based on this and your IDEDialog…

  5. Maybe we can even write a small IDE with an integrated LLVM compiler based on this and your IDEDialog…

    If you do this it would be a great piece of code to study and learn from!

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