Call for DWScript showcases

dws-mirrorI’m considering setting up a DWScript showcase webpage. If you’re using DWScript and want to be on that page, please mail the following to “eric at”:

  • short description of how DWScript is used
  • screenshot of the application where it’s used
  • website or product link

Usage cases don’t have to be fancy, or pretty, industrial and command-line are acceptable too! The screenshot doesn’t have to show the script, just be representative of the application.

Besides the showcase, this is also to get a feel of the variety of uses of DWScript out there, and to help figure out which way to go with future developments, so even if you don’t have anything I could post, don’t hesistate to drop a mail to let me know what you use it for.

Alternatively you can post a comment there, but to minimize spam prevention, comments don’t stay open very long on posts here.

2 thoughts on “Call for DWScript showcases

  1. It looks like a powerfull scripting engine, but sofar i have only seen scripts doing console stuff. There are no demo’s doing the more compilated GUI stuff.

    I would like to see a demo where a TForm is dynamicly created with a couple of edits etc etc and interface the text property of the edit(s) back to the main program.

  2. Eric, almost ready to port my framework to dws-smart, but can’t because of using generics in original code. Is that possible to add support of it?

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