DWScript for Delphi XE3

DWScript (SVN version) should now compile under Delphi XE3, thanks to Steffen Binas for providing a workaround for a compiler bug (internal error URW1147).

The workaround will alas reduce performance, for a proper fix, a futureXE3 update will be required,see QC #109187.
While I’m at it, I might also raise awareness of another XE3 bug, QC #108942 (internal error G9413).

(on a side note, my XE3 trial expired, so any fixes or workarounds for XE3 will have to come from you guys)

One thought on “DWScript for Delphi XE3

  1. Ha, that’s why most of us eventually gave up on generics/new features. Almost always a new update will break something. Ridiculous.

    Thanks for the update though.

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