Poor EULA clause reverted?

Unofficial information from David Champion


“In fact we do listen to our customers and make representations to our developer group in the USA. Subsequently the EULA changes you were worried about have been dropped altogether.”

From an Embarcadero employee in Europe.

Let’s see if it gets officially confirmed by an Embarcadero representative or a final version of the EULA…

Edit: confirmed and the clause is no longer present in the release XE3 EULA.

5 thoughts on “Poor EULA clause reverted?

  1. Well, I hope this is true, but so far it’s still just a rumor.

    Last time, it was confirmed true by David I talking about it in the forums. I wonder if he’ll drop in and confirm this?

  2. There are at least two testimonies about this, one from an Emborgearprisedero employee, and one from a reseller to a customer. Hopefully this is true.

  3. But with a dwindling user base, increasing target platforms and general financial pressures, they are going to have to think of some other way to bring in more money.

    Either that, or Delphi goes the way of Avid’s Sibelius notation program.

  4. Well – at least they got the talk started about the EULA. They are moving the focus away from the Mobile Studio package which you have to buy separately if you want to program to mobile devices. Smart move! As roumers has it. There is no mobile support in Delphi XE3. That is my biggest worries.

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