2nd PGD Challenge is coming

WILL from Pascal Game Development has pre-announced the 2nd PGD Challenge!

This “Mini Game” competition is a down-sized version of the previous challenges, you’re free to use your favorite flavor of Pascal, and the goals are simple so even those with less free time should be able to participate.

Below is a quote from the pre-announcement, and you may be interested in the January 2012 recap’ as well!

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as the next PGD Challenge Mini Game Developer’s Competition is about to start soon. Wait for the announcement as it will appear in the next week or so.

All are welcome to participate. There is no prizes and no complicated registration, just tell us who you are in a simple included readme file and upload your entry by the deadline to our FTP server.

We receives lots of entries last time and we hope we can do it again this time.

There will be a showcase for all past and future entries of the PGD Challenge mini competition so others can share and enjoy your games.

Including source is appreciated, but not required. It will however help others see how you made your game so if you do provide source you will be promoting Pascal game programming in games.

Any compiler or Pascal-based language can be used. Entries will be accepted as either Windows or Mac OS X. Other platforms pending judges support review…

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