DWScript 2.2 RC1

A 7zip for DWScript 2.2 RC1 (345 kB) has been posted, changes since the beta:

  • improved unit tests coverage to 90% overall, core compiler units now above 93%
  • packages separated into compile-time & design-time (thanks Stefan Glienke)
  • fixed several issues related to dynamic arrays of function pointers (thanks Alexey Kasantsev)
  • fixes to exposure of public methods through RTTI
  • Delphi 2009 compatibility changes (thanks Oliver)
  • implicit casts from enumerations to integers have been re-enabled
  • unit tests updated to compatibility with latest Delphi Chromium Embedded

If no major issues are uncovered, this version will become 2.2 final, and evolution for 2.3 will initiate.

2 thoughts on “DWScript 2.2 RC1

  1. Hi, I tried to install the package but I couldn’t.
    The error message than show me is: [DCC Error] E1026 File not found: ‘dwsJSRTL.res’
    I use Delphi XE. Can you help me to install it?
    Thank you

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