DWScript 2.2 beta

Delphi Web Script 2.2 is now in “beta”, and a DWS 2.2 Beta zip (337 kb)  is available.

No new features are expected up to the next stage (RC), only improvements to unit tests, to reach the psychological 90% code coverage milestone.

Changes since 2.2 preview 4:

  • extended “for in” syntax to work on all array types
  • support dynamic arrays new pseudo-method “IndexOf(item[, fromIndex])”
  • extended “in” operator to test presence of an item in an array: “item in dynamicArray” & “item not in dynamicArray”
  • support scoped enumerations for Delphi compatibility (“TMyEnum.Enum1”)
  • support “@” operator for explicitly obtaining function pointers
  • added TdwsBreakpointableLines class, which provides info about all source lines upon which a breakpoint is possible (useful for IDE “blue dots” support f.i.)
  • optimizations for “var” parameters and passing var parameters as var parameters
  • introduced minor optimization for multiple string concatenation (str1+str2+str3+…)
  • fixed dynamic array’s pseudo-method “.Add()” for arrays of delegates
  • improved unit tests coverage, various fixes (thanks again to Alexey Kazantsev)

For the curious ones looking at the SVN, there are actually other improvements and additions, but those aren’t ready just yet, and won’t be part of 2.2, but of 2.3.